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10 Things That You Never Want To Be Cleaning From Your Drain

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Drain Cleaning- Important Things to Note

Whether it is the legislation or simply related to your house, dumping is a serious offense.

You must know this that whenever you litter on the sidewalk, a hefty fine is pushed towards you. We take such a good care of the environment only because of the fear of fine. But what about our household, the kitchen sink or even the toilet bowl? Do we take similar care of these areas as well?

These are the areas that are not under CCTV camera. No one will know whatever you let go under the drain. But the later effects are quite troublesome. It makes drain cleaning one of the most challenging tasks. Plus, don’t think that by dumping certain things down the drain will only cause trouble of blocked pipes. It is equally hazardous for the environment.

All the waste that goes down the drain has to reach a river, sea and an ocean eventually. So, now you will know that all these things are putting our environment at a major risk. Moreover, it is not just causing water pollution but air pollution as well because of the odor it releases. And finally, it reaches up to the shore causing toxic effects on the land which you may call land pollution.

With flushing few things down the drain, you are actually contributing towards the worsening of the environment.

Now you must be wondering that what are the things that you should avoid flushing down the toilet and kitchen sink. Well, let’s check out the list:

#1. Pasta

Mmmm, most of us have water in our mouth when we hear of Pasta. Well, it is one of the tastiest and most liked meals. That is why the making of pasta in households is massive. But, what do we normally do with the pasta leftovers?

The semolina contents are prone to swell once you flush them down the kitchen drain. This can cause major plumbing issues in the future. So, avoid flushing it down in the sink and try using degradable polythene bag and use it to dump it in the dustbin.

#2. Rice

Rice too have same swelling tendencies as pasta. Whether they are cooked or dry, once they meet the moisture, they tend to swell and eventually cause a problem for the water to pass easily.

If you make rice quite a lot at home then make sure to use them more appropriately than flushing down the kitchen sink and causing future problem for yourself.

#3. Egg Shells

Egg shells make granular waste which further collect other waste with it. These are harsh and sharp and should not be dumped in the sink. They can cut through the pipes also. The best alternative is to release them in the dumpster.

Also, you can recycle them while decorating for the festivities like Easter or these can also be used in various kind of kid’s projects or DIYs.

#4. Coffee Grounds

Well, the coffee grounds are best known for composting which is neither good for the house drainage system or the environment. All the plumbers will agree to it that coffee grounds cause extreme blockage.

So, make sure before you rinse your coffee mugs in the sink, release the grounds in the dustbin.

#5. Cooking Oil

Most of us has a habit of disposing the cooking oil inside the kitchen sink. It is a sticky composition and it very easily combines with other waste to contribute in causing a blockage.

Oil can be reused instead of dumping in the sink. The salad dressings and mayonnaise are also kind of an edible oil and it should also not be dumped inside the sink.

#6. Animal Feces

Well, animal feces is another big trouble sitting down the drain. It not just causes blockage but also attract harmful bacteria and vermin. Please note that cat litter must not be flushed down the drain because it contains parasites. For this, you can find local vets and dump animal waste in a secure way.

#7. Sanitary Towels

Most of the people, especially going to a restaurant tends to flush the disposable sanitary towels in the bathroom bowl. These materials have the tendency to expand and because of their bigger size, they can cause serious plumbing issues. Plus, they contain human bodily fluids which cause a lot of environmental pollution.
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#8. Paints

Kids paint and what happens when they are done painting? Or better, what happens when the paints expire and you still have half the bottle filled? You dump it in the flush because to many people, this is the most suitable thing to do with any kind of liquid substance.

If you are still buying the paints that are not eco-friendly then simply dump them in a dustbin. In the alternative case, you can simply run them through water.

#9. Bones

Well, meat is best enjoyed without bones. But what can be done with the bones once you take them out of the meat? Need a simplest solution, use your dustbin. Better, you can pack them all up in a degradable or paper bag and dump them.

Don’t even think of flushing them down the kitchen sink. It will cause huge blockage, thus giving you a tough time in the future.

#10. Fruit peels

I wonder if people really flush the fruit peels down the drain. These things tend to swell. No wonder there can be a big blockage down the drain. And it will call for major plumbing expense. Best is to take the measure and through them in the dustbin.

Just like the above-mentioned things, there are various others such as sanitary pads, condoms, solvents, flour, motor solution, and many others that should not be flushed. Try to use the dustbin more than flushing everything if you wish to save the environment as well as your house drainage system.

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10 Things That You Never Want To Be Cleaning From Your Drain

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