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Dos and Don’ts When Dealing with Plumbing Emergencies

How to Handle Your Plumbing Emergencies

Today, plumbing remains an integral part of a home in Vancouver and the world at large. Unfortunately, most people don’t take plumbing maintenance seriously, even for a single day. People ignore plumbing until something goes wrong. Some think of the system when the idea to upgrade part of the house emerges.

For example, whenever you go seeking a kitchen remodeling in Vancouver, contractors will first access your home to study, plan, and understand where every valve or pipe passes within the kitchen. As a homeowner, it’s advisable to know a few maintenance and plumbing tips. You never know, you could prevent an inconvenient plumbing crisis. Some problems, if not controlled in time, can prove stressful and lead to costly repairs. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts when dealing with a plumbing crisis.

Don’t Panic

The first step to handling any form of emergency is keeping calm. Plumbing issues aren’t exceptional. Say, for instance, you notice a sewage leak; you should stay calm for the sake of effective response. Unfortunately, most people tend to panic. You must know that panicking can worsen the situation because it blocks you from thinking straight.

Whenever an emergency faces you, take some deep breaths, and collect your thoughts. Practicing the deep breath technique helps you stay calm and take control of the situation. By keeping calm, you are well-placed to deal with the mess, while you wait for further assistance. Remember, emergencies such as pipe bursts are safe when managed in time.

Insulate Your Pipes

During the winter season, the pipes in your house are likely to freeze. Somehow, the process may block the flow. Many homeowners in Vancouver assume that the freezing is what leads to damages on their plumbing. Well, the process may lead to complications, but not major as the one you’re likely to experience during the thawing process when the cold season is over. Thawing creates a negative pressure within the pipes. If you’re trying to melt the ice manually, it means more internal pressure, which can burst the pipe. Instead of all this trouble, it’s advisable to insulate your pipes.

Don’t Forget to Switch Off The Water Supply

Dealing with a leaking pipe, for example, can be challenging when done while the water is still flowing. You may end up doing nothing as the water pressure blows every seal you attach. Therefore, you should remember to switch off the water supply first before trying to seal any hole.

Switching the supply does not only ease the work but also helps regulate the mess. When the water is switched off from the supply, it means that you won’t have plenty of stagnant water to clear. The funny thing is that some Vancouver residents don’t know where their water mains are. If you fall in that category, it’s high time you found out. You never know when a disaster comes knocking your door.

Remember to Call Your Plumber

In case of an emergency, your first contact should be your plumber. Let your plumber know that you’ve got an emergency and you require some assistance. Calling the guys helps ensure that the mess is taken care of professionally. Plumbers usually have tools and pieces of equipment that you may lack, which are needed to ensure that error is corrected immediately.

Having the contacts of your plumber is non-negotiable. You can even have several contacts in case your regular plumber is busy. Calling your plumber right away helps prevent the chances of forgetting the repair. As you are aware, you may get occupied and forget that you had a pipe in your kitchen that needed a replacement.

Don’t Undermine a Pipe Blockage or Leak

Often, plumbing emergencies result from a small problem you had ignored. It’s, therefore, advisable to never ignore a small blockage or leak. If you notice a clogged drain, for instance, you should unclog it right away using a plunger. If you fail to unclog the area, the sewer may continue piling up and hence the need for a pro to deal with the mess. Remember, calling a professional plumber means spending money on a task that you could have rectified from the point go.

Invest in a Plumbing Kit

If you understand what a plumbing emergency is, then you ought to invest in a plumbing kit. Having an emergency kit helps control the damage instantly. Some emergencies are petty, and you don’t necessarily need a professional. As long as you have got the right tool in place, you can work on them. You don’t have to go investing in every other plumbing tool sold in the stores. You can start with simple items such as tapes, adjustable wrench, flashlight, plunger, and gloves.

Having such items at your disposal helps a lot when it comes to damage control. You can consult with your plumber when coming up with a list of the important items for your plumbing kit. He or she can help you secure these items at a friendly price. That means that you won’t go spending all your savings on a simple tool kit.

Use Plumbing Tools That You Understand

Having a plumbing kit doesn’t mean that you’re a plumber now. It indicates that you can control the problem while waiting for further assistance. Therefore, when it comes to using the pieces of equipment you just acquired, learn how to operate them. Some of the tools, if misused, can lead to more damages and even injuries on oneself. You should, therefore, use tools that you understand. If you find it hard to operate the tools, shut down the affected pipes, and wait for your plumber to arrive.

Your Household Items Away From the Area of Damage

Water leakage can lead to further damages in your house if not controlled. For example, a leaking water pipe can cause damages to your electronics and carpets. Therefore, if you’re faced with an emergency, remember always to move any item that may be damaged by the water away. At times, moving these items can be hectic. You can instead go ahead and cover the items with plastic to prevent any damages that may be caused by the water leakage.

Vancouver’s Plumbing Expertsvancouver plumbers

A plumbing emergency, if not managed, can lead to further damages. Besides, the emergencies can cost you more money if not handled instantly. This article lists eight do’s and don’ts when dealing with plumbing emergencies. By observing these do’s and don’ts, you help protect your home and wallet.

Of course, you’re always welcome to call the experts at M5 Plumbing for any advice or plumbing emergencies. We’re Vancouver’s local plumbing experts who offer comprehensive plumbing solutions. We’re happy to solve your plumbing problem!

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Dos and Don’ts When Dealing with Plumbing Emergencies

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