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What Causes Recurring Clogs?

If you’ve ever had to deal with clogs in your pipes, then you know how big of a problem it can be. It gets even worse when the clog is recurring, and you can’t seem to find a lasting solution for it. If you happen to notice this at home, something might be wrong with your home plumbing system, or there could be a clogged sewer line somewhere. In this blog post, we will look at some of the most common causes for recurring clogging issues, offer solutions to fix them permanently, and let you know at what point you should seek help from professional plumbing services!

What is blocking your drains and pipes?

Several things might be prompting you to call your plumber now and then. Some of these are avoidable, but you might be throwing them down the toilet drain unassumingly. They include:


The most common reason for clogs is hair. Humans shed about 100 hairs per day, which means that after just a few days of not cleaning your clogged drain out, you’ll have enough hair to start clogging it up! Hair can be especially problematic when it gets wet and soaks in soap or toilet tissue. This forms the perfect recipe for lathering up and clogging your pipes. Hair also has a tendency to stick together, which makes the problem even worse over time!

Toilet paper, paper towels, or cotton balls

While toilet paper and paper towels may be helpful for cleaning purposes, they’re not good for flushing down the drain every day. This gets even worse when you’re using them in excess and forcing them down the drain. Besides being bulky in their own right, some toilet paper might be getting caught on hair or other debris and forming a clog that won’t flush.

Food remains

Just like any organic material, food waste will begin to rot over time if it’s left in your drain before getting flushed down the pipes. This rotted matter is what causes clogs because as they break apart, they become slimy and sticky. This material then easily gets stuck on other items, causing them to become part of the clog. Food remains are especially bad for your drains as they’re moist and likely come with bacteria that will also break down over time. This is why you should always avoid throwing certain things down the sewer lines, like avocado pits or coffee grounds!

Soap scum

Over time, soap residue can accumulate in your drain line. This is especially true when you’re using liquid soaps or body washes that don’t last very long before they go bad and need to be thrown away. When this happens, it creates a gunky-like film around the inside of your pipes, which can lead to clogged drains. You should always make sure you’re using soap with the most extended shelf life possible if you want to avoid this problem!

Tree roots

If you live in a place with lots of trees, their roots might be the reason why your drainage system is getting clogged over and over again. Tree roots will grow into pretty much anything that’s standing still for too long, including sewer lines! This can become problematic as they keep growing bigger and take up more room inside your clogged pipes, blocking water flow and the human waste supposed to flow through. The roots can also hook onto your hair, and food remains, forming a massive clog in no time.

Calcium/Magnesium buildup

Over time, calcium and magnesium deposits can build up in your pipes. This is especially true if you live in a hot region where water doesn’t get cold enough for the minerals to dissolve. When this happens, they will start building on the inside of your drain system until it becomes clogged or otherwise damaged. You should always be mindful that some of the water you are using might have these minerals in it, so be sure to check the label before flushing your toilet drainage!


No matter how many times you’ve cleaned out your kitchen sink’s drains with boiling salt water or baking soda and vinegar, grease will always build up. Its thick and sticky properties make it difficult for water to wash away. If you’re not careful about how much grease or oil is going down your drain every day, you could be in trouble without even realizing it! This is because the buildup will eventually harden around the inside of your pipes until they become clogged with a thick paste-like substance that cannot be removed.
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What can I do to prevent frequent clogging?

To avoid having your drain clogged over and over again with these various materials, you need to prevent them from going down the pipe in the first place. This is as simple as removing hair before it gets flushed away each day or making sure food remains are disposed of properly. You should also ensure that your soap doesn’t leave behind any residue, which you can do by reading the ingredients on its label. If it has too many harmful chemicals that will go rancid after a few months of sitting around, then consider switching to something more natural! Also, using too much toilet paper than necessary can be a cause for clogging as well.

Don’t forget the contact the plumber

Remember that the actions above are only preventive measures. You’ll need to find a plumber to fix the damage that has already been done. What has gone down the drain has to be removed, and this is a job for professional drain cleaning services. If you keep neglecting your plumbing system and fail to drain clogs, the problem will only get worse until you have to replace some sections of the pipe!

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What Causes Recurring Clogs?

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